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                                  Date: 2020-06-03
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                                  Internationalization of Multinational Corporations

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                                  Situational Leadership Theory

                                  Resources currently available:

                                  Management and Leadership Production Managemet
                                  Douglas McGregor: Theory X and Theory Y What is Lean Manufacturing?
                                  Transformational vs. Transactional Leadership What is 5S Production?
                                  Max Weber’s three types of authority What is Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)?
                                  Kurt Lewin's Leadership Styles Kanban Inventory System
                                  What is Blake & Mouton's Managerial Grid? JIDOKA
                                  What is Paternalistic Leadership? What is Concurrent Engineering?
                                  What is the Situational Leadership Theory? Mass Customization Production
                                  What is William Ouchi’s Theory Z of Leadership? What is the Learning Curve?
                                  What are Henri Fayol's 5 functions of management? What are the Seven Types of Waste? (MUDA)
                                  Business Strategy Accounting
                                  What are Michael Porter's 5 forces? Return on Investment (ROI)
                                  Howard Perlmutter: Internationalization of Multinational Corporations Return on Assets (ROA)
                                  Global strategies for MNCs: Christopher A. Bartlett & Sumantra Ghoshal Return on Equity (ROE)
                                  What is the Balanced Scorecard? Return on Sales (ROS)
                                  What is the PESTEL Framework? Return on Capital Employed (ROCE)
                                  What is the BCG Matrix? Contribution Margin and Contribution Margin Ratio
                                  What is a SWOT analysis? Asset Turnover
                                  What is Michael Porter's Value Chain? Inventory Turnover
                                  What is Michael Porter's Diamond Model? Accounts Receivable Turnover Ratio
                                  What is Michael Porter's Generic Strategy Model? Accounts Payable Turnover Ratio
                                  What is a Diversification Strategy? Financial Budgets (Profit & Loss)
                                  What is Related Diversification? What is ABC Costing? (Activity Based Costing)
                                  What is Unrelated Diversification Strategy? What is Full Costing?
                                  What is a Blue Ocean Strategy? What is Target Costing?
                                  What is Supply Chain Management? What is Controlling?
                                  Supply Chain Management: Upstream Activities  
                                  Supply Chain Management: In-house Activities  
                                  Supply Chain Management: Downstream Activities  
                                  Backward and Forward Integration  
                                  Human Resource Organizational Theory
                                  Frederick Herzberg's Motivation and Hygiene Factors What is Contingency Theory?
                                  What is Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of needs? Jay R. Galbraith: Information Processing View
                                  Victor Vroom's Expectancy Theory (VIE-model) Max Weber’s theory of Bureaucracy
                                  What is the Hawthorne Effect? Mechanistic vs. Organic Organizational Structure (Contingency Theory)

                                  What is Transaction Cost Theory?

                                    What is a Simple Organizational Structure?
                                    What is a Functional Organizational Structure?
                                    What is a Divisional Organizational Structure?
                                    What is a Matrix Structure?
                                    What is Scientific Management (Frederick Winslow Taylor)
                                    What are Henri Fayol’s 14 Principles of Management?
                                    What is Bounded Rationality? Herbert A. Simon
                                  National and Organizational Culture Marketing
                                  What are Geert Hofstede's 5 Cultural Dimensions? Marketing Mix
                                  What are Fons Trompenaar's Cultural Dimensions? What are the 4 p's of marketing?
                                  Edgar H. Schein's Model of Organizational Culture What is a Market Segmentation Analysis? (Market Positioning)
                                  National Culture Vs. Organizational Culture What is Relationship Marketing? (Customer Retention Tactics)
                                  Organizational Culture: An Informal Control Mechanism  
                                  Important Business Terms Green Business
                                  Annual Report Green Strategy: Winners of the Future
                                  Competitive Advantage  
                                  Core Competencies  
                                  Economies of Scale  
                                  Environmental Scanning  
                                  Inco Terms  
                                  Invisible Hand  
                                  Lead Time  
                                  Predatory Pricing  
                                  Statistical Process Control  
                                  Strategic Alliances  
                                  Strategic Group Mapping  
                                  Time to Market (TTM)  
                                  Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)  


































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