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                                  Date: 2020-06-08
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                                  Marketing Mix

                                  Neil H. Borden

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                                  The concept of the Marketing Mix was originally coined by Neil H. Borden, and was publicly presented in his article "The Concept of the Marketing Mix" from 1964. In this article, Neil H. Borden presented the elements of the marketing mix. These elements illustrate the different factors within the marketing mix that marketers should consider when marketing products to customers. The rationale of these "ingredients" is that a careful consideration of every element will create a balanced and attractive offering to customers, in which all elements will potentially contribute to the success of the product or service.

                                  The elements in Neil H. Borden's marketing mix are listed below:

                                  ? Product Planning
                                  ? Pricing
                                  ? Branding
                                  ? Channels of Distribution
                                  ? Personal Selling
                                  ? Advertising
                                  ? Promotions
                                  ? Packaging
                                  ? Display
                                  ? Servicing
                                  ? Physical Handling
                                  ? Fact Finding and Analysis

                                  All ingredients listed above should be given careful consideration, and every marketer should regard the elements as important traits of a successful marketing mix. Marketers must therefore involve themselves in e.g. the design face of the product, and give contributions to the needed functionality and price of products. The marketing mix does not only focus on how to promote products after the research and development phase, but clearly specifies that marketing should be an integral part of all processes within a company - all the way from the design phase to the final distribution of products or services.

                                  The elements above where later grouped by Jerome E. McCarthy into the 4 P's of marketing, which today is one of the most important and well known marketing tools in the world.

                                  Date Created: 2011-01-15
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                                  Marketing Mix

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